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    For the largest collection of locally designed and made lighting on the Gold Coast, Three Balls Red is your only destination. We also have an incredible range of Pendants, Wall Lights and Floor Lights to help you create the perfect ambiance in your space. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Then come and speak to our experienced team about Custom Lighting options.
    99 products
    Ukuba Ritzy Brass Floor Lamp
    Ukuba Hex Rectangle Pendant
    from $250.00
    Ukuba Cirque Round Pendant
    from $250.00
    Detroit Bowler Pendant Light
    Pott Flame Pendant Light
    Pott Sponge Up Pendant Light
    from $499.00
    Pott Sponge Oh Pendant Light
    The Pott Calo Pendant Light
    from $649.00
    Ukuba Bamboo Shell Pendant
    from $195.00
    The Tassie Round Lineal Timber Pendant
    from $895.00
    The Derwent Lineal Timber Pendant
    from $895.00
    Ukuba Roost Pendant
    from $395.00
    Ukuba Alibi Pendant
    Ukuba Hairy Pendant
    from $315.00
    Ukuba Starfruit Pendant
    from $295.00
    Ukuba Laura Pendant
    from $295.00
    Ukuba Whisper Pendant
    from $395.00
    Ukuba Banana Cone Pendant
    from $395.00
    Ukuba Petal Pendant
    from $595.00
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