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    For the largest collection of locally designed and made lighting on the Gold Coast, Three Balls Red is your only destination. We also have an incredible range of Pendants, Wall Lights and Floor Lights to help you create the perfect ambiance in your space. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Then come and speak to our experienced team about Custom Lighting options.
    98 products
    Ollo Glass Wall / Ceiling Light
    Ukuba Brooke Pendant
    from $350.00
    Ukuba Miley Pendant
    from $850.00
    Seagrass Oval Pendant
    from $295.00
    Ukuba Bamboo Disc Pendant
    from $250.00
    Peony Mesh Pendant
    Ukuba Swell Mesh Pendant
    Ukuba Billow Mesh Pendant
    Ukuba Cocoon Mesh Pendant
    Linen Lantern Pendant
    from $300.00
    LED Dimmable Filament Edison Globes
    from $19.95
    The Falcon Lineal LED Pendant
    from $485.00
    Coral Wall Light
    from $600.00
    We Ponder Dusk Tall Wall Sconce
    We Ponder Day Tall Wall Sconce
    We Ponder Dawn Short Wall Sconce
    We Ponder Day Short Wall Sconce
    We Ponder Dusk Short Wall Sconce
    We Ponder Dawn Tall Wall Sconce
    Moby Wall Light
    from $495.00
    Moby Single Drop Pendant
    from $360.00
    Newton H1 Pendant
    from $685.00
    Newton Single Drop Pendant
    from $375.00
    The Eagle Lineal LED Pendant
    from $645.00
    The Hobart Lineal Timber Pendant
    from $995.00
    The Tassie Flat Lineal Timber Pendant
    from $699.00
    Eltons Crystal Pendant
    Echo Glass Pendant
    Bubble Clear Glass Pendant
    Madonna Mesh Pendant
    from $650.00
    Cameo Pendant
    from $250.00
    Bubble Wall Light
    from $250.00
    Jagger Wall Sconce
    Bradshaw Wall Sconce
    from $275.00
    Molten Wall Light
    Bubble Clear Glass Pendant
    Echo Table Lamp
    Box Floor Lamp
    Taco Floor Lamp
    Ritzy Brass Floor Lamp
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