Wild Oranges Boxed Art

Wild Oranges Boxed Art
Wild Oranges Boxed Art

Wild Oranges Boxed Art

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Wild Oranges Canvas Art Print - Amidst the large, flowing leaves, a duo of bowls overflows with slices of oranges, grapefruit, and limes, their rinds a mosaic of orange and chartreuse. Using visible, sweeping brush strokes, this Mexican-themed artwork makes the perfect kitchen wall art with its playful vibrancy.

Introducing our Wild & Fearless art Collection, where vibrant culture and endless fiestas come together in a symphony of warmth and liveliness.

Immerse yourself in the fiery colours of Mexican festivities, where mariachi bands serenade senoritas under the golden sun.

Sip on sangria amidst exotic fruits, surrounded by blooming flowers, as the vibrant patchwork of colour and culture envelops you in its embrace.

Experience the spirit of celebration with our Wild & Fearless art Collection.

Shop now and bring the joy of fiestas into your home!


Oak Box Frame

Available in 30 x 30 

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