Slate Short Exterior Ceramic Wall Light

Slate Short Exterior Ceramic Wall Light
Slate Short Exterior Ceramic Wall Light
Slate Short Exterior Ceramic Wall Light
Slate Short Exterior Ceramic Wall Light

Slate Short Exterior Ceramic Wall Light

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Introducing Slate, the most alluring glaze.

With Slate, we're delving into the realm of deep, moody aesthetics, catering to those who want to embrace raw, natural materials and a darker, more atmospheric ambiance to their space. Taking cues from the designs of Saxon Hall, a distinguished Tasmanian architect renowned for his adept integration of local timbers and captivating darker facades, Slate encapsulates the very essence of his architectural vision.

Slate itself is a captivating dark charcoal nearly black hue, with intriguing variations of mottled copper and chocolate tones, unique to each batch and firing position within the kiln. When bathed in direct sunlight, Slate takes on a subtle shimmer, almost reminiscent of a metallic finish. A custom designed electrical back plate ensures a snug fit against your wall. To maintain uniformity while preserving the unmistakable handmade charm, Slate Short is slip-cast.

Due to the handmade nature of these wall lights, you might expect to find slight variations in size, glaze finish and form including unique beauty spots and natural inconsistencies. This is what gives each wall light individual lasting value and is not considered as an imperfection or fault.

Slate Exterior has a closed ceramic top, and is suitable for exterior installation.

Slate is also available in a Tall and short version.


DIMENSIONS: 120W x 100D x 180H mm +/- 5mm
WEIGHT: 2 kg approx.
GLAZE COLOUR: Shimmered Slate
LIGHT SOURCE: GU10 240V, LED Globe, 5-10W (globenot included)
IP RATING: IP33- For exterior use

WARRANTY: 3 years

INSTALLATION: Installation height should be noless than 1.8m above the finished floor level unless the installing licensed electrician determines minimal risk of inadvertent contact as per Section 4.5of AS/NZ 3000:2018


Lead Time: Standard 4-7 weeks

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