Trends TBR Loves: Terrazzo Tiles

Whether it’s in its utilitarian charm, durability or enduring appeal, the interior world’s love affair with terrazzo tiles shows no sign of losing its lustre in 2021.


Initially used as a cost-saving way to reuse marble, glass and stone chips in 15th century Venice, this versatile and textural material has become a hugely popular choice for bringing a sense of playfulness and interest to contemporary spaces in recent years.


Three Balls Red is widely known as the terrazzo tile experts on the Gold Coast with an inspiring range of options from authentic terrazzo tiles imported from Italy - in both small and large chip - and also terrazzo-inspired tiles, which have the feel and look of real terrazzo but without some of the maintenance.


Here are some of the reasons the Three Balls Red team love terrazzo:


Beauty and Versatility


Bathroom with terrazzo floors



“Aside from its durability, the upside of terrazzo is that it works back with any interior style,” says Three Balls Red founder, Jasmine Dowthwaite.


“You can have a subtle, neutral terrazzo floor tiles for a more monochromatic space or candy-coloured tones for a more bold, playful look.”


Clients who are reluctant to commit to terrazzo floor tiles can opt for a terrazzo vanity top, splash-back, terrazzo-print upholstery - even wallpaper  - to add interest to a contemporary space and embrace terrazzo within different rooms of the home.


Enduring Appeal


Terrazzo Samples


A composite material of marble, glass and stone chippings set into concrete, the surface is then polished to create a very smooth finish.


This means terrazzo tiles are not only a sustainable option but will stand the test of time in a much-loved family home.


Its ability to resist humidity means it is also ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and alfresco spaces – particularly in the Gold Coast’s sub-tropical climate.


Terrazzo Tiles Floor


“Terrazzo is very durable and can withstand the high traffic in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom making it an ideal choice for family homes,” says Dowthwaite.


To ensure clients keep their terrazzo in premium condition, Three Balls Red’s expert interiors team recommend sealing the terrazzo to prevent staining.


 “As the binding part of the terrazzo is concrete based, real terrazzo needs to be sealed to protect and avoid penetration of stains,” says Dowthwaite.


“This is likely to need to be repeated every two to three years to ensure you keep your terrazzo in perfect condition. But terrazzo floor tiles are built to last and will repay you with a lifetime of beauty!”


Artisanal Appeal


Luxury bathroom with terrazzo floors


A refreshing and sophisticated alternative to granite and concrete, terrazzo is an ideal choice for modern day homes.


With a renewed appreciation for artisanal and interesting pieces and surfaces across the globe, the Three Balls Red team predict the dazzling terrazzo trend is here to stay.


Those who don’t have the budget for authentic terrazzo can still achieve the look with Three Balls Red offering porcelain terrazzo copies which can be large format – 1200 x 1200 and 1500 x 750 – and often also imported from Italy.


“These options don't require the sealing and up-keep of real terrazzo and they can be great lower price option,” says Dowthwaite.