Trending outdoor tiles for Summer

Looking to elevate your outdoor area with some fresh outdoor tiles this summer? The Three Balls Red design team are primed with a bunch of outdoor tiles and  design style tips to get you started.

Before we talk about colours and styles, here are some key outdoor tile considerations to remember when making your selections;


Create a seamless look

Here at Three Balls Red, we are advocates for cohesive flow of a living space. To create that idyllic indoor/outdoor flow that we covet in Australia, ideally use the same tile, or a tile in the same colour family. Even if your inside space doesn’t have tiles, think about the colour and tones that will create a seamless flow.


Non Slip technology

As a flooring option, tiles are prized for their hardness and smoothness, among other benefits. Some tiles are smoother than others and may not be functionally suited for outdoor areas where they may become wet. Slip ratings have been designed to make it easy to decide whether a tile is suitable for an outdoor area. We recommend laying outdoor tiles that have a minimum non-slip rating of P4 / R11 for a residential home. Flowing on from the importance of a seamless look, there are many porcelain tiles available with a matching external finish.


Well thought out colour choice

A natural colour palette always works well in an outdoor space, blending with your landscaping and complementing all forms of outdoor furniture. Ensure you think about considerations like heat absorption and glare in warmer climates to ensure your outdoor area is a space you want to spend time in.


What’s Trending in Outdoor Tiles


Large Format Tiles

Larger format tiles are on trend at the moment, and for good reason. Large tiles create an expansive, clean and minimalist look. What is not to like about less grout joints?

Natural Stone Tiles

In line with the natural, earthy trend, we are seeing a resurgence 
of natural stone, specifically travertine and limestone in our urban 
outdoor spaces. Natural stone is a timeless classic that will add a 
Unique aesthetic and durability to both your indoor and outdoor 
space. Think The Calile Hotel in Fortitude Valley.

If you don’t want to invest in real stone, and are looking for a low 
maintenance option, a great alternative is porcelain 'look a likes’ 
that are deceivingly realistic! These offer great stain resistance, 
ease of maintenance, and also come in slip resistant varieties. 
Unlike natural stone, their porcelain doppelgangers don’t require 
sealing, and can be easily cleaned.

Wood Look tiles

Another natural, warm outdoor tile choice is the wood look tile. 
This tile style offers seamless fusion of an indoor-outdoor space, 
without the ongoing maintenance and care required of real timber 
flooring or decking.

We hope this has given you a solid basis for helping you choose the perfect outdoor tiles for your space. We know the choices can be overwhelming, so that’s why here at Three Balls Red, we relish the opportunity to sit down with you to help you make your selections whether you live on the Gold Coast, interstate or internationally.