Pool Tiles: TBR’s Tips for Choosing Swimming Pool Tiles

Selecting the perfect outdoor and pool tiles is vital for transforming any pool landscape into an inviting, contemporary oasis.

There are a plethora of elements to consider when making your selection to ensure the landscape is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and low maintenance.

Three Balls Red stock an extensive range of contemporary pool tile solutions from natural stone and travertine to mosaic waterline tiles, and offer a unique design consultancy service so our passionate, expert consultants can help clients bring their modern pool dreams to life.

Here are Three Balls Red’s tips for creating an inspiring place to relax and reset in this summer.


Pool area interior designed house

Be Consistent

The Three Balls Red team recommend choosing tiles, finishings and decor in the same style as the overall design of your home and garden.

Many clients are opting to use the same tile from the living room all the way out to the pool and outdoor space so it works back perfectly together.

As a general rule, our team suggests ensuring colour palettes and themes should be consistent between indoor and outdoor design.


Natural stone tile

Natural Stone

Three Balls Red highly recommends using natural stone tiles for your pool landscape.

Not only are they timeless, durable and high-quality, real stone tiles – such as Travertine, sandstone and limestone - blend in with the natural environment and help create a tranquil, serene space.

Three Balls Red offer real stone tile options that look beautiful but won’t be time consuming to maintain – and won’t blow the budget.


 Waterline tiles band

Waterline Tile Bands

Waterline tile bands are considered the superior finish in modern pool design.

Pool styles and trends designed by architects for upscale, design-led hotels and resorts across the globe have now made their way into family backyard pools, so there are now so many choices.

The most common types of waterline pool interior tiles – which is the tile inside your pool that is right above the water and below the rim - are ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics, which both provide a beautiful effect.

Our team say waterline pool tiles also help prevent substances like sunscreen and body oils from creating a scummy line at the pool’s waterline.


 Large Format Pool Tile

Large Format Tiles

Stylish, popular and functional, large format external tiles are a great choice for all outdoor areas.

Three Balls Red offers an inspiring and extensive range of large format tiles, which can be machined and used for pool coping to maintain consistency.


Low Maintenance Tiles

Our products combine both form and function, so they look upscale but are actually low-maintenance – a perfect solution in this fast-paced, time-poor society.

Three Balls Red’s timber-look tiles are a perfect example of a product that is stylish but requires absolutely no maintenance. Simply lay them and you never have to reseal them again. That’s our kind of product!


Do your research

It is vital to do your research when choosing pool tile colours as it really does affect your experience when using this space.

Think about what colour water will suit your surrounding landscape – different coloured tiles reflect a different colour in the water – and ensure that everything will blend together.

If the tiles are too dark, they will be too hot walk on during the summer months – especially in Queensland – while white, glossy tiles will create more glare.

Our team suggests opting for tiles that are best suited to the outdoor environment in your specific location.


Carefully Consider Coping

Chunky, inconsistently-sized pool coping – the capping tiles that separate the pool structure from the decking – is outdated.

The Three Balls Red experts say there’s no absolutely no need to break your lines and ruin the sleek, seamless aesthetic you’re seeking for your contemporary pool area.

Our team can send away our clients’ selected tiles to be profiled so they can create a consistent, seamless look across the entire outdoor area.


Where should I get pool tiles on the Gold Coast?

If you’re building your dream home, or looking to reimagine your pool landscape, Three Balls Red, located on Queensland’s Gold Coast, offers a diverse and extensive range of pool tiles. Our passionate team of design consultants are available to assist our clients in designing and creating beautiful spaces that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Pool Images from Cole Residential featuring TBR Silver Travertine.

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