Well, hello there winter. With the mercury dropping, it’s time to layer up, cosy up by the fire and reimagine our interiors for the winter season. Three Balls Red asked the stylish team from Gold Coast-based interior design studio, The Design Hookup for their top winter interior trends for 2023.

Charlotte Barnes

“Winter months is about layering linen on your bed - think chocolate browns paired with a neutral palette and natural fibres,” says Charlotte. “You want to create a vibe that is super cosy and inviting to jump in after a long day with your favourite cup of tea. With linen always try to choose natural fibres as it breathes, but retains the warmth. 

“If you have hard timber floors or tiles, a rug is essential in the cooler months. Nothing is worse than putting your tootsies on the cold ground. Pampa has some amazing hand-woven pieces, that are both timeless yet versatile with integrating with your existing scheme! 

“We love a wall hook – I can’t stress the versatility of them. In winter, hang your cosy dressing gown, in summer your linen kimono. Ferm Living has an amazing range, and they ship worldwide. The organic shapes and materials used are on trend for 2023. 

“In 2023, it is all about natural fibres and organic shapes and materials and warm colour palette, steering away from the cool grey tones of previous years.”

Renee Britton

“The use of layering texture is key for me every winter,” says Renee. 

“For hard finishes, layer your timbers and your metals as it gives depth to a space. Tasmanian oak floors paired walnut furniture pieces provide a warm organic homely tone. Brass wall lights with gunmetal plumbing fixtures can add depth to wet areas. 

“In terms of soft finishes, I’m thinking warm velvet tones pared with linen in colours like soft plum, muted apple and mustard. Pop a wool rug down, add some linen cushions and a hero floor or table lamp in brass.  

“Also switching up your art can add a winter tint to your home. Again, use the above colours but be bold and add a touch of teal, chocolate and burgundy.  

“Finally - and this is for all the outdoor entertainers - the addition of a fire pit in the alfresco area is a must as we don’t really do fireplaces here on the Gold Coast. Fire pits can be a cosy and fun way of using the yard on winter’s nights.“Be sure to get really creative - think concrete, breeze block or tiled custom fire pits.”

Emily Dumbrell

“For me, bold, earthy colours paired with soothing cosy layers, textured surfaces and soft textiles that compliment the interior environment are what I always believe to be essential for re-working your space for the cooler months - especially when paired with an inviting scent like Tasmania by Gentle Habits,” says Emily.

Lexie Gillies

“As soon as the temperature drops, the first change in my home is the linen,” says Lexie. “I’ve opted for thick fleece blankets for the sofa and a heavier duvet, with a neutral patterned throw blanket for the bed. 

“I've swapped out boucle accents for soft corduroy this season, my new favourite being accent cushions in a soft cream. If you’re like me and prefer your home to be on the lighter neutral side, layering soft textiles in places where you would usually relax can make your space feel cosier in those winter months. 

“I also love to invest in a new candle every season; my new home scent being sea salt and lime.  

“If you’re looking for a more impactful change over winter, earthy colour tones such as rust, chocolate brown and warm caramel beige can give you that punch of colour without being overpowering and gives you a relaxed feel.”

Winter styling inspiration


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