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Smaller spaces might feel challenging to design and decorate but it is possible for petite rooms to have a big impact and appear more spacious than they really are. The Three Balls Red team asked Renee Britton, lead designer at new boutique interior design studio, The Design Hookup, for her tips on giving smaller bathrooms and living rooms balance and personality whilst maximising space – and style.


Custom Create

Custom furniture and cabinetry are ideal solutions to get the most of out of your space and ensure the pieces work back with your specific interior style. “Built-in cabinetry will perfectly fit the space and style of a room rather than buying standard pieces,” says Renee. “Create a study nook in a strange void or design furniture that will work as both storage and a stylish statement piece. “We are currently working on a project and converted a linen press into a dry bar with a feature arch detail. “The options are endless.”

Be Authentic

Give the space soul by designing your home with your passions in mind.“If you love music then reference that in the design or if travel is your jam, go there,” says Renee.“It can be as simple as a hat rack for hats you have collected on your travels or art or guitars used instead of art on the walls.”

Natural Light

Like a small bathroom, a smaller living space needs plenty of natural light to make it feel larger than its actual size. There are loads of clever design tricks used to visually extend smaller rooms but natural light is the best option. “Maximise light with new windows and bigger, the better!” says Renee. “It costs less than you might think and can totally transform a space.”

Statement Lighting

Lighting is the most important element in architecture and interior design as it affects the mood of a room. Beautifully-lit rooms create an inviting and warm atmosphere and can also transform a room’s size and shape. As well as a well-thought out lighting plan, Renee suggests adding some feature lights like pendants, wall sconces or floor lamps. “Vary the type of lights and create a story through lighting,” she says.

Sheer Appeal

Design bible Architectural Digest recently hailed drapery as the most transformative décor and we can’t agree more. Simple and chic and ideal for softly diffusing the daylight, sheer curtains really do make a room feel complete. “Opt for floor-to-ceiling and end-to-end on walls and don't stop unless you are forced into a corner or edge,” says Renee. “If you have low ceilings, dropping a sheer from floor to ceiling will create an optical illusion of height and they can help define spaces without taking up valuable floor space.”


Light On

Bathrooms are cold spaces in general so Renee suggests maximising light by adding a bigger window or a skylight. “This goes a long way towards creating a warmer, more appealing space,” says Renee.

Be Brave

Don’t be afraid to inject bold personality and points of interest into the bathroom through your fixtures. “Try using bespoke towel rails, mirrors or vanities as a piece of art rather than just feature tiles,” advises Renee.

Keep It Clean

The most beautiful small spaces are clean, simple and refined. Renee couldn’t agree more. “Clean lines are my other must,” she says. “Make sure you don't add extra business for the eye with multiple heights. For example, the shower screen should match the top of the mirror height and the door height.”

Be Consistent

Using several types of tiles is visually distracting, which is not ideal for a tiny space. “Be sure to use the same tile on floor and walls,” says Renee. “This helps to disguise the size when there is no contrast between floor and walls.”

Hidden storage

Yes, cupboard space isn’t as plentiful in a smaller bathroom so get creative and clever with your small-space storage solutions. “Opt for shaving cabinets or a full-length mirror with a hidden cabinet behind to store your things,” says Renee.

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