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With the European summer upon us, The Three Balls Red team can’t help but be inspired by the earthy and carefree
aesthetic of Mediterranean interior design and architecture. 

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Whether it’s the playful and bold beach umbrellas of Italy’s coastline, the emphasis on easy indoor/outdoor living, eclectic tiles and layering of textures,
pops of colour and natural materials, we can’t get enough of this enchanting design style.

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Photo 28-6-2024, 10 34 11 AM.jpg__PID:09e67266-8aef-4553-8eb7-900a022ba78a

Inspired by the homes and villas in the Mediterranean region of Europe, including Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain, this timeless style has long been idolised and copied for its dreamy, convivial and carefree appeal.

Afterall, who hasn't dreamt of packing up their lives and living la dolce vita in a bouganvillia-clad villa in Positano for a year or moving to the Greek Islands and living out their days like the Mama Mia gals in a white washed hill top hotel?


Crisp white and sandy walls often provide the perfect blank canvas for layering of textures, rich and colourful accents, terracotta-hued floor tiles and characterful found objects, rugs and ceramics.

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The look can also be created by adding linens, rattan pendants and baskets for rustic appeal,as well as patterned mosaics and terrazzo surfaces to add points of interest.

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If a Greek Islands holiday is out of the question this season, the good news is, the Three Balls Red design team are experts in recreating this design style and can assist with tile and lighting selections so our clients feel they are living their European summer dreams all year round.


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TBR HOME TOUR  BURLEIGH TOWERS (2240 x 1400 px) (35).png__PID:514ef890-c715-4945-995a-d3255a87f5ee
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