To celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, Three Balls Red caught up with Arielle and Teegan to talk about the beginnings of their brand, the importance of quality and their inspirations.

Thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are in our DNA here at Three Balls Red so it is of little wonder it was love at first sight when we discovered the Lo & Co brand.

Founded by friends and collaborators Arielle Lopresti and Teegan Cocchiaro back in 2016, Lo & Co hardware can be found in some of Australia’s most inspiring homes designed by the nation’s most formidable interior designers.

Can you share a little about the beginnings of Lo & Co?

Lo & Co was conceived poolside in Bali over a couple of cocktails, while we were holidaying together. Arielle had just changed careers and was completing her Interior Design studies and I’d recently moved back from London. We were both embarking on residential development projects and found we were ordering our architectural hardware from overseas. It was then the idea to design and manufacture our own was born.

What are your main influences when conceiving a new product/design?

Always materials, shapes and forms we are loving within new and inspiring interiors spaces. We always try to translate these into new designs.

Whom or what inspires you?

Travel, fashion and beautifully-designed interior spaces!

What is your favourite material to work with?

Brass will always be our favourite, it’s the basis for 90 per cent of our collection. We love the way it ages and we love the varied finishes we can create from it. Over the last couple of years, our marble and stone range has really expanded, and it has been very fulfilling creatively to start experimenting with new and different stones. We have a couple of new marble ranges releasing soon, which we are both very excited about because they are so different.

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"Quality products are the materials that age beautifully and stand the test of time and almost become more beautiful as they age."

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You both have a passion for quality and craftmanship. Do you think universally, there is a renewed appreciation for handcrafted, thoughtfully-designed products rather than cookie cutter pieces and why do you think this is so?

Yes absolutely! I think people see the spaces that top interior architects are creating, where they consistently use top-quality products. Quality products are the materials that age beautifully and stand the test of time and almost become more beautiful as they age.

I think this natural aging process is what people are starting to appreciate, and good design always remains relevant and timeless. This timelessness is what has created such a renewed appreciation for quality products.

We also think there is a consciousness of environmental factors, pushing people to buy less, but buy better quality. If people are renovating or building, they want it to last.

What do you love most about what you do?

That no one day is ever the same. Every day is varied, always creative, and we get to work with a team of people of we absolutely love. 

We are very protective of our Lo & Co team because we are like one big family here and we love it!

What are some of the most beautiful projects you’ve seen Lo & Co products in?

We couldn’t pick just one but they are always projects completed by some of our favourite Australian Interior designers, Mim Design, Alexander and Co, Arent & Pyke, POCO Designs - the list goes on.

Why work with Three Balls Red?

The Three Balls Red product offering is beautiful, they stock brands we love, and brands we think work beautifully with our products.

What is next for Lo & Co?

New finishes, new collections, and our expansion into the U.S market

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