When we discovered one of our favourite creative minds, Rose Grayson, interior designer and founder of ceramic lighting brand, We Ponder, was designing her own dream home in Tasmania, Three Balls Red just had to have one of the first tours.

Inspired by the iconic Ben Rose House, this timeless Mid-century modern home celebrates intelligent design, quality craftsmanship and the staggeringly beautiful surrounding landscape. We caught up with Rose to chat about her most personal project yet.

TBR: You have worked on some incredible projects as an interior designer. Was the process different when you are designing your own home?

RG: Absolutely! Designing my own home presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities compared to working on other projects. While I've been fortunate to contribute to various interior design projects, the personal nature of my home allowed for a deeper level of creative freedom. This creative freedom, however, came with the responsibility of too much choice! I do find that selecting materials and designs for others is a lot easier than selecting for myself. Given that I am constantly looking at design ideas every day, I was super wary not to make choices that I would become sick of. Hence, the reason I decided to create a home with nods to Mid-century modern, a design era I think will be forever timeless.

TBR: You worked with architect Saxon Hall. What was he like to work with?

RG: I worked in collaboration with two architects, Align and Saxon Hall. It was a great experience as three professional companies providing their own view on the design resulted in what I think to be a modest yet beautiful timeless home. I was able to really focus on the function of all interior spaces, whilst Align were able to really focus on what design choices had implications on the construction budget. Saxon was able to inject his creative flair on what the exterior of the home would look like overall.

TBR: What were your inspirations? We know you were inspired by the Ben Rose House from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…

RG: Yes, the Ben Rose House did serve as a notable source of inspiration for my home's design. I sought to capture the Mid-century modern design ethos by trying to transform the unassuming floor plan with average ceiling heights, into a spacious, functional home that soaked up the incredible views through floor-to-ceiling windows throughout all spaces [like the Ben Rose House]. This inspiration, combined with my desire to celebrate the stunning natural surroundings of Tasmania, guided my choices in materials, colours, and spatial arrangements with the inclusion of a sunken lounge.

TBR: Tasmania has staggering natural beauty. How much did the surrounding landscape play a role in the design of the home?

RG: We strategically positioned all the windows to frame picturesque views of the rolling hills and lush countryside. The main living space is perfectly directed at an incredibly old large oak tree at the point of our block. This positioning luckily also faced north so the whole home is filled with an abundance of natural light, which, in turn, is soaked up by the polished concrete floor, helping to heat the home throughout winter. This is very important in Tassie!

TBR: How would you describe the style of the home?

RG: A blend of Mid-century modern design principles and contemporary comfort. I aimed to create a space that was timeless and fun whilst catering to the practical needs of modern living.

TBR: What is your favourite space?

RG: My favourite space in the house is undoubtedly the sunken lounge with the wood fireplace. It is such a cosy TV or conversation pit. I also love how even though it is situated in the open living area of the home, because it is lowered, it feels like you are in your own closed-off room without actually being closed off.

TBR: Any products from TBR?

RG: Yes! The tiles in the laundry, actually.

TBR: What do you think makes a great home?

RG: The interplay between architecture, interior design, and the surrounding landscape and how each part connects to one another.

TBR: Have you opened your We Ponder studio in Tasmania yet?

RG: Only just! I haven’t announced it on social media yet but we are open to drop in and appointments. We also just recently launched our We Ponder Interiors side of the business, which is super exciting. We are located on 207 Harrington Street, Hobart.

TBR: What is next for We Ponder?

RG: So many things! We are working on new ceramic lighting designs that we are hoping to launch before the end of the year, if not, early next year. We have been busy collaborating with a Tasmanian craftsman to launch a new light design that combines ceramics with another handmade object, which is still a secret at this stage. We have also been busy growing our team of ceramicists in our Cygnet warehouse whilst working on interior design projects for clients interstate or local who are building new homes or renovating exisiting homes in Tassie.

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