Acanthus Project

At the heart of arguably one of the Gold Coast’s most coveted streets is the recently-completed residential project by Three Balls Red’s clients Pivotal Building Projects, a luxurious yet calming retreat from the fast-paced digital world outside.

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Masterfully built by Pivotal’s Dan Sykes and designed by the talented Lizzie Paterson from Elkora Design Co, the Acanthus Project is close to Burleigh Heads’ iconic beach but also boasts a natural bushland setting, which was a focus for Paterson during the design process.

“As the bushland is to the south, the living areas had to be to the south as well,” Paterson told TBR. “I wanted to pull the light from the north into these spaces and I used the open courtyard to do this.

“I also wanted to pull the breeze through the house so it cooled without the use of air conditioning. I used a lot of windows to the east, both upstairs and downstairs, and created a void over the hallway to assist with this, and turn our back on the harsh western sun.”

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With the vision to create a sophisticated home that would last the test of time, it was important to Paterson to steer clear of overused trends that may date quickly.

The end result is an exemplary example of both flawless, quality craftsmanship and considered, thoughtful design. Known for his hands-on approach to every project, Sykes’s meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the home.

Built on a 607sqm block, the Acanthus Project features three bathrooms and four bedrooms, including a luxurious parents’ retreat suite which occupies the entire second storey of the home with views to the Burleigh skyline, a freestanding bath and skylight in the shower.

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The striking front façade – which features intricate stonework and gables – gives an impactful first impression, while the resort-style pool landscape and alfresco entertaining space is designed to capitalise on the Coast’s sub-tropical climate,

Paterson says the butt join corner glass windows in the master suite is her favourite feature of the home.

“You can keep this 'uncurtained' all day and feel like you're not in suburbia,” she says.

Three Balls Red was thrilled to supply the tiles for this outstanding home, which is now on the market with PRD, with expressions of interest closing on December 4 at 5pm.

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