Gold Coast-based photographer, videographer and founder of digital creative agency Hotel Miami wears many hats but it is his striking images of Palm Springs and Los Angeles streetscapes and Mid-Century architecture – available at Three Balls Red’s showroom and online store - that has caught the eye of our clients, interior designers and aesthetes alike. Three Balls Red caught up with the energetic creative and father-of-two to chat about his inspirations and his next series of works, inspired by the iconic and last remaining beach shacks at the southern Gold Coast.

TBR: Tell us about your photography..

NA: Living in the United States for years gave me a great opportunity to see new and exciting things, including the desert architecture of Palm Springs. That landscape and style of architecture has been something that I have applied not only to my photography but also my brand and aesthetic generally. Besides shooting pretty architecture, my main strengths with photography is photographing people. I love shooting portraits and spending time with people in vulnerable moments, capturing authenticity. I annoy people by always shooting pictures, no matter the scenario [laughs].

TBR: Who or what inspires you?

NA: I’m inspired by light as well as the happy, pretty and positive.

TBR: Favourite piece of work to date?

NA: My favourite photo has to be the Welcome to LA shot of the Southwest airlines flight coming into LAX with the In-N-Out Burger sign in the foreground. I spent no more than five minutes trying to get that shot and, at the time, I thought absolutely nothing of it. Fast forward to the present and some of my favourite people have that very image in their homes.

TBR: Why work with TBR?

 NA: I love what TBR does! I work with them because they bring beautiful design and a different aesthetic to the Gold Coast and have no doubt influenced many builders, designers and creatives to create beautiful spaces. I love that TBR supports local artists like myself and I will always be forever grateful.

TBR: Whom would be the dream client to hang a Nick Atkins photograph on their wall?

NA: My dream client is anyone who has an affinity for the images I take. I’m still amazed that anyone would choose my work in the first place let alone have it hung up in their amazing spaces. I’ve seen a lot of my work go into new builds and freshly-renovated spaces to finish off the look and it's a very nice feeling to think that people live every day with a shot of mine in their living or working spaces. I’m not worthy!

TBR: What is next for Nick Atkins?

NA: I have been working on a local series of ‘knock downs' architecture in my local area. I have been shooting all the amazing old houses in Tugun on the southern end of the Gold Coast. Since moving to Tugun two years ago, I have fallen in love with the area. Beyond that, I spend my time bringing up my very cute and extremely naughty baby boys.

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