Weave Mitre Floor Rug

Weave Mitre Floor Rug


The Mitre Rug from Weave is a super thick, soft, and luxurious floor Rug. Made from a chunky spun yarn, and featuring a raised diamond pattern that is overlaid and handwoven into the Rug, this is a beautiful Rug. The softness underfoot comes from the New Zealand Wool and Viscose blend, lightly spun together.

The Mitre Rug isn't a flat pile - the diamond pattern sits up higher than the base Rug, so we recommend using it in bedrooms, nurseries and sitting rooms and other low traffic areas. This is a beautiful Rug to add texture and interest, as well as warmth & comfort, to a room.



- Size: 200cm x 300cm

- Material: 65% Wool and 35% Viscose

- Handwoven on Panja looms

- Full cotton backing and edging for improved longevity and wear.