How To Select The Perfect Pendant.

Your guide to selecting the right pendant light for your unique space.

A decorative and sculptural statement piece, the perfect pendant light can elevate any space and also serves a functional role in the home. Pendant lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, however before you hit the lighting showrooms, there are some things to consider before making a pendant purchase.

Known as having the most inspiring selection of bespoke lighting options, Three Balls Red’s team pride themselves on offering expert advice on which pendants work best in which spaces - from voids, above a dining table, over a kitchen island bench, as bathroom vanity lights, by the bedside or in the centre of the room for a striking centrepiece. Here is Three Balls Red’s top tips for choosing a pendant.


Creating ambience.

When shopping for the perfect pendant, the Three Balls Red team says it is important to consider how much light you need for the space, and what ambience you’re creating.

“Think about whether you want direct light above a table or a kitchen island or a pendant to diffuse the light and create a soft glow around the room,” says Three Balls Red’s creative director, Jasmine Dowthwaite.

Glass pendants work well in kitchens and bathrooms as they transmit light for more task-orientated uses like food preparation or make-up application. Solid ceramic pendants offer more directed-down lighting while rattan pendants throw light around more generously.

Gina Dawson from Gold Coast-based interior architecture and design studio, Studio Yugen, tells Three Balls Red she only ever uses a warm light – never cool or white as it can feel clinical and uninviting.



In a standard kitchen, Dawson says there should be 90cm above the island to the bottom of the pendant. This means the pendants will be low enough to cast sufficient light across the workspace during food preparation, but not so low you’ll constantly crash into them.

In a dining room, Three Balls Red’s experts say pendants over tables should be hung approximately 1.7m from the floor - or 70 to 82cm above the tabletop - to ensure diners can see each other and aren't obscured by the pendants.

Dowthwaite advises to take the size of the space into consideration, as using an oversized pendant in a small space can overpower it, whilst a larger space might require a cluster of two or more pendants or a decorative series of lights. “At Three Balls Red, we have the ability to custom-make any pendants to ensure the scale is perfect for your space,” says Dowthwaite.*


Consider the elements.

Whimsical pendants may look pretty, but they won’t always work in the elements.

“One thing I always consider is the location,” says Dawson. “I live on the Gold Coast so for my clients who live near the ocean, we chose something weighted as otherwise the pendants will be constantly swaying in the wind.”

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